Inclusive Growth - Entrepreneurship

As Garanti BBVA, we aim to promote inclusive growth in which all segments are involved in the process of sustainable development and share the benefits obtained in line with the aim of offering the opportunities of the age to everyone.

As Garanti BBVA, we attach great importance to entrepreneurship as a strategic priority, and have long been owning this topic within a holistic framework. We author initiatives backed with specific products and services on various platforms ranging from women entrepreneurship to impact entrepreneurship and technology startups that take place among the key players driving economic growth.

It is the our top goal to create collaboration opportunities with startups for healthy growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and for driving the expansion of the startup culture in our country. Launched in this framework in 2015, Garanti BBVA Partners Accelerator Program is a valuable program under which our supports early startups that act as a driving force for the economy and create high added value. We help the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Türkiye flourish, and aims to support and accelerate early startups with the potential to attract investment and grow.

Since 2006, Garanti BBVA has relentlessly supported active participation of women in employment and economic life, with the understanding that an inclusive economy where all individuals make use of opportunities equally will grow faster and more efficiently. Garanti BBVA celebrated the 17th year of its holistic and uninterrupted support to women entrepreneurs making an important component of its financial and non-financial inclusive support, which is compiled under 4 headings: providing finance, education, encouragement and access to new markets.