Impact Management

As Garanti BBVA, we work to offer instruments supporting transition to a sustainable economy by developing products and services targeted at diverse needs for a low-carbon and inclusive growth.

BBVA, as the main shareholder of the Garanti BBVA, announced its Sustainable Finance target for 2018-2025 as EUR 300 billion. This target was first announced in 2018 as EUR 100 billion. After a good performance in sustainable financing, the target was revised to EUR 200 billion in 2021 and finally to EUR 300 billion in September 2022.

As Garanti BBVA, we added the financing target to be mobilized for sustainable finance in the premium eligibility criteria of all employees at any level, starting with the Board of Directors. This strategic implementation encourages all employees to integrate sustainability in their day to-day operations to create value in all business lines. As Garanti BBVA, we will contribute to this goal with a financing of 150 billion TL until 2025.

With this pledge, in line with its goal of bringing the age of opportunity to everyone, we aim to contribute to the joint global combat against climate change, encourage inclusive growth where all segments are involved in the process, and share the benefit derived.