Good Work Life Relationship (IYI) Program

As part of employer brand management efforts, Garanti BBVA carries out a Work-Life Balance program Work Life Integration (İYİ) in order to enhance employee satisfaction and ensure a richer working experience. Average number of events and services per employee went up from 9 in 2014 to 29 in 2017 and almost tripled to 26 in 2018, within the frame of the Bank’s employee communication strategy and priorities.

Garanti BBVA Human Resources will continue to focus on accurately positioning its employer brand for its existing and potential employees. Garanti BBVA HR will keep organizing İYİ services and events to enhance the work experience, and using digital tools more frequently (like the online interview platform with business partners, live broadcasts with top management etc.) for communicating with the employees to support the efficiency of internal communication.  


  • Motivational Meetings: Regional (Four Season Meetings) and departmental meetings to enhance employee motivation and improve internal communications.
  • IYI Talks: Talks with top management and subject experts to support institution ownerships of Garanti BBVA employees and work-personal life developments.
  • IYI Treats: Surprise treats to lighten the office mood and make sure employees take a short break and enjoy pleasant moments with co-workers.
  • IYI Entertainment: To liven the social lives of Garanti BBVA employees, discounted tickets for concerts, shows, and social activities and invitations for cultural and sports events the Bank is a corporate sponsor of are offered.
  • IYI Courses: Hobby or personal development courses that employees can attend with co-workers for different experiences apart from work, where most of the fees are covered by the Bank.
  • Hobby Clubs: Garanti BBVA employees with hobbies can participate in Photography, Underwater Sports, Sailing, Hiking, Classical Turkish Music, Turkish Folk Music, Social Responsibility, Running, Movie and Theatre, and Winter Sports clubs where they can develop their hobbies and attend activities.


  • Employee Assistance Program: Garanti BBVA provides all employees with call center support, i.e. a hotline available to all employees and their family members. Experts in various fields including medical, legal, psychological and financial provide support to callers 24/7. As part of the assistance program, callers may be referred to psychologists and counsellors for 6 sit-down sessions free of charge.
  • Green Shuttle: The routes of shuttle services provided to the Headquarters employees are automatically adjusted by a software to make them more efficient. 
  • SadeMail: This is a new mailing system to increase the quality of internal and external e-mails and to decrease unnecessary emailing, thus decreasing time loss and work stress.