Employee Well-being

Human Capital is the driving force behind all progress at Garanti BBVA. Garanti BBVA employees are therefore one of the main pillars of Garanti BBVA’s strategy. The Bank builds systems to recruit, train and develop a first-class workforce, and provides a working environment that encourages full utilization of employees’ skills, offering a wide range of opportunities and ensuring recognition and rewarding of their accomplishments.

Garanti BBVA provides a workplace environment that is safe, modern and respectful of human rights, and is dominated by equal opportunities and diversity. To ensure work-life balance, Garanti BBVA supports its employees with policies and practices to increase their welfare level, and focus on their happiness.

For this purpose, the Employee Committee, headed by the CEO and formed of members from the Board and Senior Management, is Responsible for developing Garanti BBVA’s HR policies, carrying out and coordinating activities in order to improve employee engagement and satisfaction, monitoring results and developing action plans when needed. With the support of the management, the Committee also aims to promote learning in order to enhance the Bank’s development and tracks how training reflects on business.

Garanti BBVA invests in its employees in order to maximize their performance, increase their productivity and well-being, and proactively engage them to develop and implement sustainable initiatives in their day-to-day activities, both at and outside work. In 2017, Garanti BBVA conducted 10 programs related to Employee well-being. Garanti BBVA’s HR processes including recruitment, career planning, performance appraisal, and training and development programs are in accordance with its competency model. Garanti BBVA provides both in- class and e-course trainings about;- office ergonomics, emergency management, voice training, stress management, breathing techniques, meditation, well-being, detox etc. A healthy working environment with optimum noise, humidity, temperature levels and high indoor air quality ensured. Industrial Hygiene measurements such as illumination, noise, temperature, indoor air-quality have been done in some locations.

In order to enhance its employees’ quality of life, Garanti BBVA offers various products and services. Garanti BBVA employees have Private Health Insurance and Life Insurance, and can benefit from the Bank’s Retirement and Social Assistance Fund services for health expenses not covered by private health insurance, such as dental treatment, prescription glasses and contact lenses. There are fitness centers and internal nutritionists present in Garant BBVAi’s Zincirlikuyu and Güneşli Head Offices.

The human resources policy of Garanti BBVA can be summarized as putting employees first by continuously investing in them. We give priority and importance to our employees, by deploying sufficient resources for training and implementing programs. We try to maximize participation by leading an environment of open communication and by displaying a fair and objective attitude. We therefore think we create an environment that complies with international standards.

Garanti BBVA develops human resources practices in accordance with the Bank’s strategies. Efforts are made to improve motivation and create open communication forums in which employees are allowed to express themselves freely. We provide “career consulting” for employees in line with their competencies, knowledge, skills, and needs.

Garanti BBVA became the first company in Turkey to be awarded the Investors in People (IIP) Gold Certificate for the second time. Garanti BBVA will keep investing in its human resource and carry on with its implementations based on its “people-oriented” management concept.