Employee Contribution

Garanti BBVA employs various objective, competency-based measurement and evaluation tools and methods specific to each position in order to match the right person with the right job.

During 2018, 59 people joined Garanti BBVA under the Management Trainee & Sales Trainee Programs. 70 university students were given the chance to do internship at branches, regional offices and HQ business units. Full transition to online interview and test implementation has been realized for recruitment processes.

Standard criteria (experience, seniority, performance, competency evaluation, tests, interviews, etc.) are established for all internal promotions and transfers between positions. They are transparently announced throughout the Bank via career maps, while employees are guided and supported in line with their chosen career path.

An employee-centric career-planning model was created, and employee meetings are structured in line with the coaching model. To increase employee communication and to enhance communication quality, 1,655 branch visits and 725 regional office visits were conducted. Career meetings were held with 8,892 employees.

Within our new branch service model, career maps, performance criteria, compensation and benefit studies have been completed. Human Resources Consultants held informative meetings during the transition process. The branches that were transformed in 2018 numbered 655. 3,441 Customer Representatives and 1,298 Customer Service Representatives were assigned to new positions.

Within the new career management system introduced, career development alternatives are offered, enabling progress in the relevant field of specialization, and a common framework is provided to ensure consistency in career management. In this new system, the employee is the owner of his/her career management and development. The system creates a title structure that reflects the qualities of the role and enables management of career movements in an open and transparent manner.

The new performance system aligned with the strategies of BBVA and Garanti BBVA assesses the targets and competencies together, based on more objective criteria. Employees use target and competency results as input for remuneration, career and development.

Employee Dialogue, Participation in Management and Satisfaction

In order to ensure that employees take active role in the decision-making mechanism and to benefit from innovative ideas, Garanti BBVA keeps dialogue channels bi-directional. Garanti BBVA aims to increase employee satisfaction and employee engagement by collecting employee opinions systematicly via various channels, such as the intranet, employee satisfaction questionnaire, and the voice of employee platform GONG. Garanti BBVA conducts an Employee Engagement Survey each year to gather employees’ opinions on work-life balance, performance management, remuneration and training & development opportunities. In 2018, Employee Engagement score was 67%.

360 Degree Feedback collects employee opinions and aims to contribute to managers’ behavioral patterns by determining their competencies, as well as their strengths and improvement areas.

Suggestion and idea platforms Önersen, GONG, and Atölye and the “Ask/Share” section of the intranet portal serve as a means for employees to submit their suggestions and ideas. “Önersen” (You Suggest) has been instrumental in collecting 1,133 suggestions in 2018, two of which were rewarded. More than 23,000 ideas in the aggregate have been communicated via this channel since 2007. Through GONG, the voice of employee platform about HR practices and the working environment, 674 opinions were gathered in 2018.

Each year, through the Managers’ Summit and the Future Meeting, the CEO and the executive team involve the total employee base, share and assess Garanti BBVA’s current outlook and its strategy, goals & objectives for the year ahead.

As part of employer brand management efforts, Garanti BBVA carries out a work-life balance program named Work Life Integration (İYİ) in order to enhance employee satisfaction and ensure a richer working experience. Average number of events and services per employee went up from 9 in 2014 to 29 in 2017 and almost tripled to 26 in 2018, within the frame of the Bank’s employee communication strategy and priorities.

The Bank’s Values are being integrated into all HR processes and projects are being developed to let the employees reflect the Values in their day-to-day work experiences. In this context, the first anniversary of Our Values, which were spelled out with the involvement of employees in 2017, was celebrated on the Values Day on 5 July 2018. Employees generated new ideas about Our Values and experienced different ways of working together in the workshops they attended. More than 1,600 employees participated in the workshops organized online and in classroom session format.

Garanti BBVA has established Domestic Violence Platform in order to extend support to employees suffering from domestic violence whenever they need it and to provide guidance to managers about the effects of domestic violence on the workplace. In this framework, Garanti BBVA countinues to offer the support service 24/7 exclusively to Garanti BBVA employees and their next of kin through the Domestic Violence Hotline.

Employee Benefits

In order to enhance its employees’ quality of life, Garanti BBVA offers various products and services. Garanti BBVA employees have Private Health Insurance and Life Insurance, and can benefit from the Bank’s Retirement and Social Assistance Fund services for health expenses not covered by private health insurance, suchb as dental treatment, prescription glasses and contact lenses. There are fitness centers and internal nutritionists present in Garanti BBVA’s Zincirlikuyu and Güneşli Head Offices.

The Garanti BBVA Bonus System (GPS), which works in integration with the performance management system, continued to take into account not only individual success but also the success of BBVA Group and the Bank, and to differentiate the Premium amounts of high- performers.

Internal Customer Survey is performed to evaluate the services employees receive and it gives them the opportunity to convey their suggestions.