Weekly Review Committee

The Weekly Review Committee is charged with managing the assets and liabilities of the Bank, and its objective is to assess interest rate risk, exchange rate risk, liquidity risk and market risks. Based on these assessments and taking into account the Bank’s strategies and competitive conditions, the Committee adopts the decisions to be executed by the relevant units in relation to the management of the Bank’s balance sheet, and monitors their practices.

Meeting Frequency: Weekly
Number of Meetings in 2019: 51

Committee Members 

Committee Members Committee Members' Titles
Recep Baştuğ CEO / Board Member
Dr. M. Cüneyt Sezgin Board Member
Javier Bernal Dionis Board Member
İlker Kuruöz Engineering & Data EVP
Selahattin Güldü Commercial Banking EVP
Cemal Onaran SME Banking EVP
Mahmut Akten Retail Banking EVP
Işıl Akdemir Evlioğlu Customer Solutions & Digital Banking EVP
Ali Temel Chief Credit Risk Officer
Ebru Dildar Edin Corporate, Investment Banking & Global Markets EVP
Aydın Güler Finance & Treasury EVP
Alvaro Ortiz Vidal-Abarca Chief Economist Cross Emerging Markets
Alpaslan Özbey Credit Cards & Members Merchant Coordination Director
Çağrı Süzer Garanti Payment Systems CEO
İlke Badraslı Temel Commercial Banking Anatolian Marketing Director
Mustafa Sağlık SME - Medium & Large Enterprise Banking Director
Hakan Öger SME - Small Enterprise Banking Director
Kerem Ömer Orbay Retail Banking Marketing Director
Ceren Acer Kezik Mass Banking Marketing Director
Metin Kılıç Assets & Liabilities Management Director
Vahan Üçkardeş Financial Planning & Analysis Director
Handan Saygın Investor Relations Director
Özlem Ernart Head of Risk Management
Batuhan Tufan  Financial Institutions Director
Fulya Göyenç Corporate Banking Director
Levent Kirazoğlu Cash Management Director
Alper Eker Retail Risk Director
Koray Öztopçu Consumer Finance Director
Sinem Edige Affluent Banking Marketing Director
Demet Yavuz Commercial Banking Istanbul Marketing Director 
Oben Savaş Global Markets Sales & Financial Solutions Director