Data Governance and Protection Committee

Committee is responsible for ensuring that data owned by Garanti BBVA, its subsidiaries and its customers are compliant with the relevant legal regulations and corporate policies.

The Comittee's responsibilities are;

  • To determine the policies that are within the scope of data security and protection, to review these policies periodically and to update them if needed,
  • To prioritize the projects which are in the context of data security and protection,
  • To monitor the efficiency of the processes operated in the scope of data security and to evaluate the improvement needs,
  • To monitor the legislative changes that are in the scope of data security and to ensure that the needs are met.

    Meeting Frequency: The Committee meets once in 3 months.
    Number of Meetings in 2020: 4

    Committee Members 

    Committee Members Committee Members' Titles
    Dr. M. Cüneyt Sezgin Board Member
    İlker Kuruöz Engineering & Data EVP
    Aydın Düren Board Member
    Didem Dinçer Başer Talent & Culture EVP
    Ferda Özge TC - Infrastructure & Communication EVP
    Özgür Tüzemen TC - Data & Advanced Analytic EVP
    Osman B. Turgut Director of Internal Audit
    Cihan Subaşı TC - IT Security Unit Manager
    Feridun Aktaş TC - Corporate Security EVP
    Berna Avdan Legal Advisory Services - Legal Counsel
    Beyza Yapıcı Internal Capital & Operational Risk Director
    Tolga Haliler Organization & Process Development Director
    Korcan Demircioğlu Customer Security & Trans. Risk Management Director
    Barış Gülcan Internal Control Director
    Emre Poyraz TC - Data Governance Unit Manager
    Bekir Özmen TC - Information and Data Security Manager
    Kerem Güngör Personal Data Security Compliance Senior Supervisor
    Emre Özbek Compliance Director