Credit Cards & Members Merchant Pricing Committee

The Committee has been established with the aim of evaluating the researched about member merchant commissions and card pricing, pricing samples and modeling provided by Garanti Payment Systems (GÖSAŞ) within the framework of the credit card / member merchant strategy and policies and pricing principles determined by the Bank.

GÖSAŞ presents current market conditions, pricing offers and models within the rules determined by credit card and merchant pricing principles, local and global developments that may affect fees / commissions and costs, new products that may have an impact on pricing to the committee for evaluation. The main task of the Committee is to evaluate the presented reports and to prepare new or additional models at the request of the Committee Chairman.

Meeting Frequency: Monthly or as often as necessary
Number of Meetings in 2019: 11

Committee Members

Committee Members Committee Members' Titles
Alpaslan Özbey Credit Cards & Members Merchant Coordination Director
Cem Dal Garanti Payment Systems EVP
Özgür Altan Garanti Payment Systems EVP
Seçkin Çağlın Garanti Payment Systems EVP
Perim Berk Garanti Payment Systems Business Dev. Brand Partnerships Manager
Elif Üçdal Garanti Payment Systems Merchant Portfolio Manager
M. Ersin Topan Garanti Payment Systems Market Partnerships Manager
Pelin Batu Garanti Payment Systems Credit Card Portfolio Manager
Ulaş Erdur Garanti Payment Systems Mass Product Manager
Seçkin Akbaba Garanti Payment Systems Business Dev. Brand Partnerships Manager