Local Benefits Committee

The Local Benefits Commitee aims to manage the employee benefits model centrally with the participation of HR, Risk and Finance areas.

The Committee’s responsibilities are:

  • Ensuring that decisions regarding fringe benefits are made centrally, with the concurrence of all representatives and in line with the Bank’s business goals;
  • Reporting the local committee’s decisions to the global committee,
  • Benchmarking against the market before a new fringe benefit proposal is approved and reviewing the same from the perspective of Finance , Risk and Compliance,
  • Controlling the production of consolidated accounting reports of fringe benefits,
  • Aligning the investment policy of Garanti Bank Retirement Fund with BBVA’s standards,
  • Monitoring the policies, procedures, regulations and similar documents under its responsibility with respect to necessary updates, and taking action to keep them up-to-date.

Meeting Frequency: It meets at least once a year.
Number of Meetings in 2019: 1


Committee Members 

Member Title Committee Role
Osman Tüzün Human Resources and Support Services EVP President
Aydın Güler ALM, Capital, Investor Relations and Finance EVP Member
Ali Temel Chief Credit Risk Officer Member
Özlem Ernart Head of Risk Management Member
Sibel Kaya HR SVP Committee Reporter