Employee Committee

The Employee Committee is responsible for developing Bank’s HR policies, carrying out and coordinating activities in order to improve employee engagement and satisfaction, monitoring results and developing action plans when needed. With the support of management, the Committee also aims to promote learning in order to enhance Bank’s development.

Meeting Frequency: It is collected as needed.
Number of Meetings in 2019: 2


Committee Members 

Member Title Committee Role
Member Title Committee Role
Javier Bernal Dionis Board Member Member
Recep Baştuğ CEO / Board Member President
Dr. M. Cüneyt Sezgin Board Member Member
Mahmut Akten Retail Banking EVP Member
Didem Dinçer Başer Customer Solutions and Digital Banking EVP Member
Ebru Dildar Edin Corporate and Investment Banking EVP Member
Cemal Onaran SME Banking EVP Member
İlker Kuruöz Engineering and Data EVP Member
Aydın Güler ALM, Capital, Investor Relations and Finance EVP Member
Ali Temel Chief Credit Risk Officer Member
Aydın Düren Legal Services and Collection EVP Member
Selahattin Güldü Commercial Banking EVP Member
Osman Tüzün Human Resources and Support Services EVP Member
Işıl Akdemir Evlioğlu CEO of Garanti Payment Systems Member