Credit Cards & Members Merchant Pricing Committee

The Committee aims to assess the pricing recommendations of GÖSAŞ within the framework of pricing principles defined in line with the Bank’s credit cards and member merchants strategy and policies, and to ensure that the defined pricing (levels/amounts) is implemented by Credit Cards and Member Merchants Coordination Department. The Committee’s responsibilities are as follows: 

  • Assess the pricing proposals made within the margins determined by the Bank’s credit cards & member merchants principles,
  • Evaluate current market conditions,
  • Evaluate current situation related to pricing and trade commission of networking BKM (Interbank Card Center), VISA, Mastercard. 

In 2018, the Committee held two meetings.

Committee Members

Alpaslan Özbey (Director), Cem Dal (EVP, GÖSAŞ), Özgür Altan (EVP, GÖSAŞ), Seçkin Çağlın (EVP, GÖSAŞ)