Code of Conduct

Commitment to its irreplaceable values of the principles of trust, integrity, accountability and transparency is Garanti BBVA’s main responsibility towards its customers, employees and all its stakeholders; and serves as the guarantee of the Bank’s strong reputation.

Handbook of ‘Garanti BBVA’s Code of Conduct’ has been published with the purpose of regulating employee behavior and the professional relations of employees in parallel to the Bank's commitment to corporate governance principles and ethical values concerning. 

You may find Code of Conduct by following the link.

This document serves as a guide and the principles inside are reflections of Garanti BBVA’s vision, mission and values on the behaviors and the ways of doing business. Any behavior which departs from ‘Garanti BBVA’s Code of Conduct’ or any type of behavior in performing professional duties which might damage the reputation or brand of Garanti BBVA, is not tolerated. 

Garanti BBVA’s Code of Conduct is assigned to all Garanti  BBVA employees as a mandatory training. Training activities continued this year.

According to the Corporate Governance Communique no. II-17.1 of the Capital Markets Board, if stakeholders encounter or suspect a behavior or action that is contrary to the ‘Garanti BBVA’s Code of Conduct’, e-mail address has been established for reporting purposes on such issues. Notifications via such e-mail address have to include stakeholders’ name, last name and contact information to enable access for communication  if necessary. The notifications are evaluated by Garanti BBVA's Compliance Department. The Compliance team continued to offer its advice on applying the Code of Conduct this year.

The Bank’s Whistleblowing Channel received 45 notifications in 2023, which were reviewed and resolved by the related parties in accordance with the Bank’s policies and procedures. Out of 45 incidents reported to the Whistleblowing Channel, various disciplinary actions were taken for 16 as a result of the reviews conducted. 14 of the 16 disciplinary actions are under the heading of "Conduct with our colleagues” in the Code of Conduct, 12 of them are actions taken as a result of notifications regarding Respect, discrimination, harassment or intimidation under this heading. Subjects of the other disciplinary actions taken are related to " Conduct with the customer and the company” , there is no disciplinary action taken regarding to conflict of interest. There is no notification received to the Whistleblowing Channel regarding to the violation of the anti-corruption policy, anti-money laundering and prevention of financing terrorist activities, and the protection of personal data.

No-one who reports any facts or activities through this channel in good faith will be a target of reprisals nor will they suffer any other adverse consequence as a result. Such notifications are resolved with due importance. 

Garanti BBVA shared its Code of Conduct with major suppliers with a massage stating that their full commitment and compliance is expected. 

‘Garanti BBVA’s Code of Conduct’ and other relevant documents are reviewed and updated based on the requirements of the changing business environment.