Shareholding Structure

Name Number of Shares Nominal (TL) Share(%)
BBVA (BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA, S.A.) 209,370,000,000 2,093,700,000.00 49.85
OTHERS 210,630,000,000 2,106,300,000.00 50.15
GRAND TOTAL 420,000,000,000 4,200,000,000.00  100.00

Shareholding Structure

Note: There is no ultimate non-corporate controlling shareholder holding more than 5% share in the shareholding structure.

About BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A.)

BBVA is a customer-centric global financial services group founded in 1857. The Group is the largest financial institution in Spain and Mexico and it has leading franchises in South America and the Sunbelt Region of the United States; and it is also the leading shareholder in Garanti BBVA, Turkey’s biggest bank for market capitalization. Its diversified business is focused on high-growth markets and it relies on technology as a key sustainable competitive advantage. Corporate responsibility is at the core of its business model. BBVA fosters financial education and inclusion, and supports scientific research and culture. It operates with the highest integrity, a long-term vision and applies the best practices. The Group is present in the main sustainability indexes.

Please see the link for detailed information on BBVA.

Insider Holdings

The Chairman, members of the Board of Directors, the CEO and the Executive Vice Presidents are allowed to own publicly-traded shares of Garanti BBVA; their transactions in Garanti BBVA shares are publicly disclosed pursuant to Capital Markets Board regulations.