Research Notes

Activity Pulse, September 2021: 

Industrial Production (IP) grew remarkably lower than expectations by 8.7% yoy in calendar adjusted terms (vs. 15.2% consensus) in July, whereas it contracted by 2.3% yoy in raw series. The month-on-month figure also implied a large negative contraction of 4.2%, showing weaknesses across-the-board but especially in capital goods production.

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Inflation Pulse, August 2021: 

Consumer prices increased by 1.12% mom and 19.25% yoy in August, again being realized above expectations on the back of a higher than expected food inflation.

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Activity Pulse, 2Q21: 

Turkish economy grew by 21.7% in yearly terms in 2Q21, resulting in a growth rate of 14.3% in the first half of the year. Though, the quarter-on-quarter growth rate moderated to 0.9% after growing by 2.2% in 1Q21.

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