Our Strategy

Our Strategic Priorities

Customer Experince

  • We aim to enable a seamless and excellent customer experience among all channels by placing the customers at the center of all our activities.
  • With this sense, we continuously review our processes and business flows from our customers’ point of view and design rapid, easy and simple processes informed decisions.
  • In accordance with our target to exceed our customers’ expectations, enhance their satisfaction and build trust-based, long-lasting relationships, we adopt the principle of always acting in a transparent, clear and responsible manner.
  • We are committed to help our customers to grow their businesses in a sustainable manner and create value for them by providing innovative solutions and proposals based on their needs. With our solutions and services, supporting financial literacy and inclusion, we strive to take care of financial health of our customers and help them make


  • We constantly invest in our digital platforms in order to provide unique experience, transaction convenience and innovative solutions to our customers, pioneering the digital transformation. While expanding our digital customer base, we aim to increase the share of digital channels in our sales.

Employee Happiness

  • One of our strategic priorities is investing in our employees focusing on their development, happiness and wellbeing.
  • Aligned with our values, we intend to form teams possessing team spirit, acting with shared wisdom, thinking big, socially responsible and resultoriented.
  • With this sense, we are embracing a fair and transparent management policy based on performance, focused on equal opportunities, diversity, and internal promotion.

Optimal Capital Utilization

  • While focusing on disciplined and sustainable growth, we aim to maximize our value creation and to maintain our strict adherence to solid asset quality by using our capital effectively.


  • Pursuing cost and revenue synergies, we constantly improve our business model and processes with operational and environmental efficiency point of view.

Responsible and Sustainable Development

  • While implementing our advanced corporate governance model that promotes our core values, we act with the principles of trust, integrity, accountability and transparency against all stakeholders.
  • We prioritize, conducting effective risk management through world-class integrated management of financial and non-financial risks.
  • By focusing on community investment programs which deliver impactful outcomes on material issues and creating shared value through lending based on impact investment principles, we target social value creation. We will continue to be the pioneer bank for the positive change